Our DPTA Christmas Day Poem!

Have YOU written to Santa?
And asked on Christmas Day, 
That his sleigh is full of dancing shoes prepared for DPTA?
Have you asked to come to class
and leap across the floor? 
To pirouette and Act and Sing
and ask to join in more?!
Have you asked your mum and dad
to come join in the fun?
To be the best you can be - 
be the Star, be number 1?
Do you know the way to Harrogate? 
Get on board the sleigh, 
ask Santa, where our classes are, 
he'll surely show the way!
Cause Santa is a Street Dancer!
he's Santa of the future - 
Ho Ho Ho (He raps as well, 
training with our singing Tutor!) 
So don't be left out Christmas Day, 
come along and see!
Ask to join our classes, 
DPTA Family!

Happy Christmas Everyone!

Damien Poole